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Our Story

Past Events

*The first Scrappin Boot Camp was held in Manhattan, KS in November of 2003. We had 6 vendors and about 20 croppers. It was an all day event.

*Next, we held another Boot Camp in Derby, KS in March of 2004. This was held all day at the Derby Middle School. We had about 12 vendors and over 50 croppers.

*Then, we held our first overnight crop in June of 2004 at Camp Hiawatha in Wichita. We stayed in the old cabins and used the older building. We had 6 vendors and 40 croppers.

*In September of 2004, we had another all day crop in Derby. We had 15 vendors and about 75 croppers.

*In March of 2005, we had another overnight crop at Camp Hiawatha. We had 14 vendors and about 60 croppers. It was a blast!

*In October of 2005, we held our first fundraising crop. We raised over $1000 for Habitat for Humanity.

*In February of 2006, we held another crop at Camp Hiawatha. We had awesome vendors and about 65 croppers.

*In July of 2006, we held another fundraising crop at the Mulvane United Methodist Church. We raised over $1200 for the Kansas Food Bank Warehouse.

*In February of 2007, we held our first ever out of Kansas crop. We had an overnight crop in Colorado Springs. We had a great time!

*In June of 2007. we held our Second Annual Kansas Food Bank Crop. We raised $1730 for the Kansas Food Bank and collected 475 pounds of food!

*In June of 2008. we held our Third Annual Kansas Food Bank Crop. We raised $914.50 for the Kansas Food Bank and collected 246 pounds of food!

All of our crops have been great. Thanks to all of you who have participated. We plan to do lots more events with tons of fun.

Thanks for all of your continued support!

About Us

Food Bank Crop Executive Board

My name is Cara Leeds. I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago. I love it! I now put on scrapbooking events, sell scrapbooking supplies, and sell scrapbooking t-shirts. I have a lot of fun scrapbooking with others.
I have lots of help from my friends and family when putting on these events. My executive board is shown above. From left to right: (top) Aunt- Lori, friend-Pam, Mom-Cheryl, Grandma-Irene, (bottom) me-Cara, and sister- Amy.

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